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Wind o'er the Moors

Music born in the ancient homeland of the Celts, from the northern fringes of Europe far into the windswept islands of the North Atlantic arranged and performed on keyboard by Chris Wuehrmann

It is a land of mysterious dolmens and mist-shrouded standing stones,
of moors, fens, lochs, smoldering turf fires and relentless waves
battering shattered sea cliffs: origin of some of the most primeval,
haunting, lyrical, tragic and powerful music ever conceived in the
human heart.

"I closed my eyes, and was transported to Ireland."

Conlon’s Jig - Traditional Ireland
Foggy Dew - Traditional Ireland
Morgan Meghan - Traditional Ireland (LISTEN)
Will Ye Go, Lassie - Traditional Scotland
The Banks of Lough Gowna - Traditional Ireland (LISTEN)
Down By the Sally Garden - Traditional Ireland
Scalloway Lasses - Traditional Shetland Islands
The Wind on the Moor/Fellfield – Traditional Hebrides Islands/Chris Wuehrmann
Standing Stone/Skye Boat Song – Chris Wuehrmann/Traditional Scotland
The Wind That Shakes the Barley – Traditional Ireland (LISTEN)
Trinity Jig – Chris Wuehrmann
The Dowerless Maiden - Traditional Hebrides Islands (LISTEN)
Co Bhios Agad/Mrs. O’Sullivan’s Jig - Traditional Hebrides Islands/Ireland (LISTEN)
Eoghan Coir - Traditional Ireland
Tha Mi Sgith (Fairy Love Song)/Cooley’s Reel - Traditional Hebrides Islands/Ireland
Loch Lomond - Traditional Scotland


Chris Wuehrmann
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Expect the unexpected in Chris' coming albums. He is planning everything from patriotic, gospel, and British Isles themes to meditative, folk, English country dance, and all original compositions.

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Headwaters Dawning | Mackerel Sky | Wind o'er the Moors

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